Special FX Makeup

Andrea excels at Special FX makeup admitting herself that it is a side of makeup she did not think she would venture into but since she was sought after for a production of Sweeney Todd 2 years in a row she reveals she fell in love with what special fx makeup could do.

The Nightmare Realm 2012

“The special fx experience has really enriched my creative approach to the art of makeup”

In 2011 and 2012, she made an incursion into the creative world of horror at The Nightmare Realm as makeup artist to their gruesome characters. An extreme walk-through haunted event whose scenes and characters range from the grotesque and blood churning to weird and extreme. The themes and makeup are always thrilling and pushing the boundaries. While not everyone is brave enough to make it through the entire attraction,(including Andrea herself,ha ha) it tests your bravery to its limit.The Nightmare Realm annually draws thousands of fans (victims) to their unique and compelling events.

Andrea was also thrilled to be asked to lead the makeup team for Paglicci the Opera,another huge operatic production with exciting makeup challenges .

Paglicci the Opera

Andrea is constantly providing her Special FX makeup skills for various photo shoots,short films,videos and television.

Andrea is always a great member of any concept design team and goes above and beyond the call of duty not only providing an exceptional makeup services but brings so much more to any production.

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