If you have a special event coming up, having makeup on can make a big difference. You will have the self-confidence to face the people who are attending the event. Makeup also has a way of bringing out people’s best physical features, making them appear more attractive. There is, however, the emphasis that makeup must be done well. A single wrong move and you will end up looking like a clown – or even worse. There are many wedding photos where the makeup looks horrendous, and the sad part is that the people in the images have to live with it. Some of the tips that help are as follows.

Prepare the Skin Before a Makeup Session

Think of applying makeup as doing art. You need a clean canvas if you want the art to stand out. The same applies to make up. Even though there are makeup products like concealers that can hide flaws and pigmentation, makeup tends to look much better on flawless skin. Always remember that the more flaws you have, the more products a makeup artist has to use to cover them, and you risk appearing cakey when they are done. Go for a facial a few days before your big day. Exfoliate and deep cleanse so that your face is fresh for makeup application.

Test for Allergies

The worst mistake you could ever do is to try out new makeup for the first time, on the day of your big event. Imagine sitting on your wedding with bloodshot eyes and tears running down your face because you are allergic to the brand of mascara you are using, or for your skin to break out from the foundation you are using. Always do a skin taste several days before the day of your event so that you know the products that work.

Start Makeup Application Early

Most people assume that applying makeup is a simple process that should take a few hurried minutes. That is how people end up with makeup that has not blended well, and or a ridiculous look that shows that they did not take time to see how the makeup is coming in together. It helps to start the application process early so that if you realise that one look does not work for you, you can wipe it off and start over. You do not want to do that with people constantly knocking on your door or calling to say people are waiting for you.

Know Your Face Type

Makeup application should not be the same for everyone. Makeup is supposed to let your most beautiful features stand out. It could be your lips, pronounced chick bones, beautiful smile, or whichever part of the body you want to accentuate. You should start by knowing the most striking part of the face and then use makeup to bring it out. For instance, doing a cat-eye eyeshadow look will bring all the focus on your eyes, and a crimson red lip attracts people to your smile. It is advisable to work with a professional who is more experienced.