It always works better to work with a makeup artist. They are better trained and experienced to give you the perfect look. There will however be days when you cannot access a makeup artist and you need to do your own makeup. It helps to know how to use some essential makeup.


Do not skip on using moisturizer even if you have oily skin. Moisturizer helps in ensuring that your skin is supple enough to contain the makeup. You should also apply some sort of primer after the moisturizer to protect your skin from coming into direct contact with the makeup. Using a moisturizer that has sunscreen or works towards healing your skin of conditions such as acne is an added advantage.


Make sure your foundation matches your skin. Something too light will appear ghostly in photos. You should also not go for something too dark. Match your foundation with your neck, and take a photo with and without flash to see how it all ties up. Once you apply foundation, blend it until no awkward streaks or blotchiness are appearing on your skin. Remember to apply some foundation on your neck too. To keep the powder on, use compact or loose powder.


Concealers serve many purposes in the beauty regimen. The first step is to understand the various uses of concealer before you go and buy. Concealer is used to lighten the undereye and bring some definition to the face. It is also used to hide away dark spots, scars, and hyperpigmentation. It also helps in defining the eyebrow arch. The rule is to always go for a colour that is one or two shade lighter if you want to highlight. If you are looking to contour your face and add some shadows to it, go for a darker eyeshadow.


When you are curling your lashes, beauty gurus and makeup artists suggest that you start at the tips, move to the middle and then go to the roots. This will make your lashes appear longer, and it will also make the curl stay longer. The mascara should always be used last in the beauty regimen. This is because if you apply mascara early, powder and eyeshadow will get trapped in the lashes. Look upwards when applying mascara to avoid clumping of lashes.


To avoid flaking, gently brush your lips with a toothbrush. Apply lip concealer and smile when applying the concealer so that you fill the cracks and wrinkles. Put gloss on top of your lipstick.