Casino themed parties are the norm these days. Getting invited to one is always fun, and there is still something new to learn in such parties. Makeup forms a big part of the party, and if you are preparing for such a party, some of the things to bear in mind are as follows.

Go Bold

A casino party is for people who are daring to be different. Minimalism is not the theme. From the paintings on the wall, the decorations, and the music played in such parties, you will realise that they focus on living out loud. Your makeup should blend with the theme. Go bold or go home. Pronounced eyeshadow, a highlighter that can be noticed, full coverage foundation and even having a wing eye with bold eyelashes is a common makeup trend in casino themed parties.

Be Bright

Do not be afraid of red lipstick or any bright colour that you love. Remember that casino parties are all about making a statement. Of course, other things are involved, like playing games such as the ones using Unibet odds and trying to find the best punter among the list for people attending the party. Bright makeup just makes it easy for you to stand out. You can add some sparkle on your makeup, like using glitter on your eyelids for effects or adding some gloss on your lipstick. The bright colours should complement your attire, so something like a black dress might help to make your makeup look well put together.

Try Effects

Casino parties give you an opportunity to be playful. You can even draw a card on your cheek, depending on the activities that you will be going for, and the games that you will be playing. The makeup could be used to solidify a point, like for instance, if you are going to a casino theme party where people will be betting on a sport, you can wear makeup that represents the colours of the team that you support. Always remember that it is all about having fun and you can experiment with as many looks as possible.